"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work." - Colin Powell

From the desk of the Executive Director...

Welcome to the PRIDE Museum website!

I know, you’re wondering what PRIDE Museum is all about.

You can be certain... at PRIDE Museum we don't just sit around... We go out and investigate the wonders of innovation -- YES! We Really Do Get Around!!

As you navigate through the website, we hope you'll be filled with enthusiasm about the possibilities of technology and science, and be encouraged to become a part of PRIDE Museum. The site is artfully designed to keep you interested and informed, and it will play a very important part in your understanding of the purpose of PRIDE Museum. The site will also serve as a tool to notify you about our upcoming sessions, any changes in plans, special notices, celebrations, etc.

It's my pleasure to let you know all the Learning Programs at PRIDE Museum are FREE to its members. Simply put, it doesn’t cost you anything to join and take part in the fun and exciting activities. So, sign up and become a member!

Join today and take advantage of PRIDE Museum Membership (Youth K-12)

  • Unlimited FREE admission to all Learning Programs
  • Free T-Shirt, Membership Card and Tech it Out! eNewsletter
  • Invitations to private previews and receptions
  • Public programs including lectures, film screenings, workshop/demonstrations, performances and special events
  • 10% savings on PRIDE Museum Collection purchases

Everyone at PRIDE Museum is always happy to see you. We truly look forward to sharing time and information with you.

At PRIDE Museum you will meet lots of knowledgeable professionals who are just waiting to meet you. Our group will travel to far away places where you’ll participate in Learning Sessions that are designed for your enjoyment. And we’ll be involved in exciting activities that help you better understand how technology and science can be used to make you a smarter and happier person.

PRIDE Museum youth members meet three Saturday's each month during the school year (September - May) and four Saturday’s each month during the summer (June – August). Our organization is growing, so expect our meetings to increase over time, which will include Friday's.

Some Saturday’s we’ll be in Learning Sessions lasting only 2-3 hours. For other sessions we may spend more than half the day together. You’ll be away from your home and parents for quite a few hours, but you will want to bring your good manners along with you.

Maybe you won’t be able to attend every session – but I hope you will try. If you miss a session, no worries, we’ll catch up when we see you next time. Also, there’s a good chance that we’ll revisit some of our fun locations and activities.

Even if you’re a little bit shy – or, you’re worried you won’t know anyone else – you will still want to join PRIDE Museum. That's because you’re sure to meet many other young people who are just like you -- Thinkers and Doers!

Much of our time will be spent listening to the experts tell us about technology and science facts we don’t already know. These experts are waiting to show you some fascinating stuff and they know the answers to your questions.

Of course, throughout the day we’ll take short breaks, and there will be time to talk, share what’s going on and you can tell us all about your good ideas.

So, now you know. I’m extending YOU a personal invitation to become a Member of PRIDE Museum!

It’s simple... Just download the Student Application and Conduct Code Policy. You will need to complete them both and have them signed by your parent or guardian. Include a personal reference letter from an adult who believes in you – I’m sure you already know who they are! (Adult may not be related: Teacher/Doctor/Pastor/Counselor, etc.)

Mail your forms to me at:
Attn: Executive Director
4101 Dublin Blvd. #F202
Dublin, CA 94568
Email forms to me at:

Looking forward to meeting you!

Mrs. Pamala Springs
Executive Director
PRIDE Museum
A Cultural Exploration of Modern Innovation