"It is brave to be involved. To be not fearful to be unresolved." - Gwendolyn Brooks

Membership Criteria

  a) Student must be between 5-18 years old at the time of Application. We accept all interested youth living within Silicon Valley and throughout the Bay Area.
  b) Student must currently be attending school (or home-schooling) at the time of Application.
  c) Student must submit a completed Application form with one (1) Letter of Reference.
  d) Student must understand that this is an educational opportunity, not weekend relaxation or playtime. He/she must be committed to participate fully in all aspects of the learning programs.
  e) Student must demonstrate some or all of the following qualities: passion for learning, strong interest in technology and science; ability to work in groups and leadership qualities or potential to develop these qualities.
  f) Successful applicants must accept the responsibility for exemplary conduct (see Conduct Code policy) and to act as an ambassador for his/her community.

Application Process:
  Step 1: Please ensure that you meet all of the Membership Criteria and read all instructions carefully.
  Step 2: Complete each of the following sections:
    a) Student Application (Sections A through F)
    b) Reference Letter - (1) Reference Letter required
  Step 3: Submit your complete application by mail or through our online application to minimize paper usage and our ecological footprint.


PRIDE Museum
Attn: Executive Director
4101 Dublin Blvd. #F202
Dublin, CA 94568