"How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!" - Maya Angelou

The Mission of PRIDE Museum

Education and outreach are embedded in the mission of PRIDE Museum. We provide a comfortable, non-competitive environment where youth participants (K-12) receive coaching, engage in discussions and participate in hands-on activities led by volunteer presenters, educators and industry professionals. As a result of nurturing and encouraging youth in technology and science, they begin to view these opportunities for increased exposure as important, valid and a necessity for developing self-expression and reaching their academic potential.

The mission of PRIDE Museum is to:
Preserve ~ Research ~ Involve ~ Develop ~ Enrich


PRIDE Museum will preserve and safeguard the history of African American technical and scientific pioneers in California’s Santa Clara Valley, with an emphasis on portraying {interpreting} and representing the achievements and aspirations of the individuals who defined the most inventive place on earth, Silicon Valley, with technology innovations that benefit humanity.


PRIDE Museum will research and examine the contributions and cultural influence of African Americans to the growth of Silicon Valley. We will use internet research to follow the current academic achievements and career developments of our technology leaders. We will search to identify, encourage, nurture, motivate and challenge youth who demonstrate an interest in technology and science based professions.


PRIDE Museum will involve and immerse the minds of youth and the community to fully understand the magnitude and value of the technological inventiveness which permeates Silicon Valley. We will introduce educational programs and social experiences to enlighten and strengthen youths intellectually and culturally.


PRIDE Museum will develop and expand a broad communication platform with the local community by showcasing African American technical and scientific pioneers. We will engage, partner and collaborate with other technology, scientific, historic, cultural and educational institutions, organizations and programs.


PRIDE Museum will enrich and supplement interest in Silicon Valley’s history of African American innovators by honoring their contributions and exploring the social impact of their presence in colleges, universities, graduate schools, laboratories, manufacturing, test floors, conferences and boardrooms, and examine the evolution of our communities and the lives of our families over the generations.