"From what we get, we can make a living; from what we give, however, makes a life." - Arthur Ashe


PRIDE Museum Youth Programs

The youth programs consist of five essential learning components and an annual multimedia design contest. We provide a well rounded intellectual and social experience for youth by rotating through the main components, alternating their exposure to lecture with interactive activities, to achieve our objective of promoting and increasing the technology and science knowledge of participants. Introductions to emerging technology and hands-on activities are tactically designed to push the interest buttons of youth, many of them who spend hours and hours operating computer devices such as laptop computers, handheld computers, game consoles and other digital devices. PRIDE Museum utilizes our wide range of resources in Silicon Valley to expand youth education and one of the major factors for the success of the programs is the willingness of supporters, industry professionals, corporate employees, civic society and ordinary citizens who donate countless volunteer hours of adult guidance, teaching and supervision.

PRIDE Museum Programs present youth with the opportunity to experience innovation in a multitude of ways. Ongoing contact with a spectrum of Silicon Valley technology and science corporations, laboratories, museums, universities, etc., motivates youth to explore the remarkable prospects at hand and become further involved in their community and society. As a result of the leadership and exposure provided by PRIDE Museum, we become lifelong advocates for our membership, using our extensive network to bridge youth with opportunities and provide referrals and character references for their future involvement in volunteerism, internships, summer employment, technology organizations, higher education and career field.

Listen Up!
is a captivating Learning Program comprised of a pool of talented volunteer educators and accomplished industry professionals from within the region. They are success models who devote time and talent to deliver messages that promote the value of higher education, self-motivation, technical insights and awareness of modern inventions, history, culture and opportunities in Silicon Valley. Find out more...
Mind Map
is an absorbing Learning Program based on community partnerships with local technology museums. The FREE and discounted youth packages afforded to PRIDE Museum members, enable us to participate in a stream of informative and challenging demonstrations – as we attend sessions with curiosity, concentration and regularity. These groups of technology museums are singularly focused on inspiring the innovator in everyone. Hands-on and interactive exhibits, divided among themed galleries, offer youths a truly memorable experience. Technology museums bring a unique comprehensive Silicon Valley experience with interactive experiences in genetics, earth sciences, alternative energy, virtual design, microchips and lots more. Find out more...
Increase Your Bandwidth
is a fascinating Learning Program that advances technology and science education for youth by conducting a calendar of local excursions to Fortune 500 companies, high tech corporations, and research laboratories where new perspectives on technology is explained and demonstrated. Youth will be inspired by participating in programs, camps, internships, lectures, seminars, facility tours, hands-on activities, experiments, fun-labs and workshops – broadening their minds to what lies outside of their daily routine and increasing their bandwidth. Find out more...
Step to University
is a motivating Learning Program that focuses on promoting a serious interest in Technology and Science studies and careers. PRIDE Museum conducts visits to local college campuses where youth receive facility tours, meet with advisors, faculty and student ambassadors, and participate in seminars, experiments, hands-on activities, labs and workshops. Youth are encouraged to become involved with higher learning institutions by enrolling in summer school programs, summer internships and technology clubs and camps. Find out more...
is an engaging Learning Program that sheds light on modern technological tools currently in the marketplace and offers a peek at emerging technology in the queue. With the guidance and expertise of industry professionals, we explore their uses and understand how they sync with other technologies, which mobile devices and apps are best suited for education, why gadgets are replacing laptops and internet access...and more! Find out more...
Vision Contest
PRIDE Museum presents its noteworthy Annual Vision Contest which is conducted during the month of October to recognize and celebrate National Technology Month. Youth are invited to flex their critical thinking, imagination and art skills to design a multimedia concept (including visuals and tag line) that from their perspective illustrates the use of innovation to create something the world truly needs. 2012 Contest: New Millennium Innovation: "What in the World Do We Need?" Find out more...

PRIDE Museum Knowledge Badges

KNOWLEDGE BADGES are earned through dedicated participation in PRIDE Museum Youth Programs. Assemble a full deck of all 10 in a Stage, and become a Knowledge Champion. As a Knowledge Champion, youth receive a PRIDE Museum Knowledge Champion Certificate and progress to the next Stage. Following each activity, members earn one (1) badge by submitting a Reflective Writing requirement to their individual online profile.