To take a step is the shifting of ones body in the direction of a new position.

Step to University

The steps that lead young people toward colleges and universities to continue their education are varied – and each are important.

PRIDE Museum’s Step to University is a motivating Learning Program that gives youth the opportunity to visit campuses of higher education, so after completing high school, moving forward to pursue a degree is not a leap, instead it is the next step.

Focusing on promoting serious interest in Technology and Science studies as careers, PRIDE Museum conducts visits to local college campuses where youth take facility tours, meet the advisors, faculty and students ambassadors, and participate in seminars, experiments, hands-on activities, labs and workshops. Youth are inspired to become involved with higher learning institutions by enrolling in summer school programs, summer internships and technology and science clubs and camps.

Tech out...WHEN?

California University at Santa Cruz
COSMOS (California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science)

Mills College
EYH (Expanding Your Horizons) Motivating Young Women in Math and Science

NSBE Jr. (National Society of Black Engineers)
PCI (Pre-College Initiative)

Santa Clara University
SES (Summer Engineering Seminar)

Santa Clara University
Outreach Tours